Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Summer So Far

Maine photo IMG_1235_zpse59158fd.jpg
Portland Headlight - Portland, Maine

I apologize to my readers for not keeping up-to-date with my blog. I feel like I lose track of life, and I stop writing... writing music, journaling, and even blogging.  As of late, multiple traumatic events have happened in my life.

Well, thanks to my sister and her partner Erin, I have made my way out to Maine. I have been staying in Portland, Maine in order to just take some space from Minnesota. This journey out to Maine could not have been more impacting in my life. It saddens me to say that I will be leaving after one month of being here. Although I am excited to head back to Minnesota, I will miss Maine and the people here dearly.

This is only the start to my "New Beginning."  In fact, I plan to come back here soon and possibly spend next summer leasing an apartment in Portland.  This trip has inspired me to live each day as it comes and to live each day as if it is your last.  It has taught me to focus on myself and chase after my dreams.

I am especially happy to say that I have recently re-discovered music, writing, and reading along with picking up some new hobbies.  Sometimes we need a break in life in order to evaluate our lives and get back in touch with our purpose.  My purpose right now is learning how to value myself.  My whole life I have been dependent on others, and it is time to break that chain.  Traveling has given me the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and do that.

I am excited to see the change that awaits, and looking forward to going back to Minnesota with a new perspective.  Exploring Maine and New Hampshire has stirred up a passion to explore my home a bit more; although, I do secretly look forward towards coming back to Maine. ;)

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