Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Connie Talbot

Today I have been seeking for some inspiration.  It is just one of those days where I feel off, and a little less motivated than usual. Connie Talbot has been my inspiration for today.

I am not sure if any of you have heard of Connie Talbot, but she is now thirteen years old and started singing at the age of three.  I am going to post several videos of her with what I have watched today, but I couldn't help but cry when I watched the YouTube video of her singing Leona Lewis's, "Run," live at the o2 Arena in London.

As I was searching for inspiration, the first video that came up on SuperMagazine.com was when Miss Talbot first performed on Britain's Got Talent.  All of the judges were astounded with her audition in 2007, and even more astounded as she progressed through to be the 2007 first runner-up of Britain's Got Talent for that season at the age of six. 

Although she did not win the show in first place, she was able to find a way to release an Over the Rainbow album soon after she turned seven.  Her talent and beautiful voice would not go in vein.  As she progressed through her life and grew a bit older, Talbot has released a few more albums since and continues to travel the world singing and giving inspiration.

Frozen is one of my absolute favorite movies.  Little did I know Connie was the one to sing "Let it Go."

I honestly idol this young lady, and I'm sure many people would consider her "a little  girl," but I say young lady, because she has proven herself to achieve her dream and inspire others in the process.

On one last note...

Miss Talbot partnered with singer Jordan Janson within the past few years, and as I was looking at their songs for inspiration I can across their original, "Happy Song," which I couldn't help but smile to :)

Through bringing me to awe, to inspiration, through tears, and now making me smile, this young aspiring artist just became my favorite singer.

I cannot wait to see her progress through life, and will definitely show my support to this in any way I feasibly can.